REVIEW: Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

See the characters spread their wings in this Shakespeare verse filled novel. The story is set in a fictional town of Barnwell, where the three sisters, Cordelia, Rose and Bianca, reunite back at home. Not under happy circumstances, their mother has cancer, and they all want to help a little. As well as run away from their problems but have no where else to go but home. From there we see how they struggle to put their lives back together while dealing with their sick mom.

I didn't really like this book, it had a poor plot and characters that I couldn't relate to on any term. I know that not every good book needs to have a climax, but the lack of it in this story really showed. There was nothing to look foreword to, and nothing to get excited about. The ending could have been predicted in the first few chapters. Also, the whole Shakespeare obsession, and their constant mentioning about how they love to read got old very quickly. I don't read Shakespeare, and most of the time I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. I thought I would like a book about book lovers, but they were just flat characters with too much free time.

The story is told from all of their point of views, as well as a narrator, as well as first and third person. It was weird. I don't even know how to explain it. But it was confusing and should not be done, ever.

Over all this story lacked a good story, the characters are developed but not memorable, or interesting. I don't think I will recommend this book to anyone, it's just not the type of story to keep you up at night.