REVIEW: We Were Liars

This thrilling new contemporary suspense novel will leave you speechless.

Being a rich kid, and spending your vacations on a private island seems like a dream, but for Candence it's a nightmare. Something happened two years ago, and accident, which left her with memory loss. This is her story, as she tries to peace together the events that took place that summer.

Every summer her and her cousins come to the island to spend the summer. They call themselves The Liars: Cadence, Johnny, Mirren and Gat (Gat isn't blood related). But during summer 15 (they are 15 years old) something happens and Cadence end up in the hospital, with no memory of what happened. Her mom doesn't want to tell her, because it's better if she finds out on her own. Cadence returns to the island and to The Liars on summer 17, and that's when the story starts.

The story is told from Cadence's point of view, ranging in time from summer 8 till current events. The story feels almost like and dark fairy tale, the characters aren't exceptionally realistic, yet they seem to come to life in your imagination. And some of their actions are not that believable, but we also don't get a lot of detail on each character, we don't even get a lot about the main character. That is part of the reason why they don't feel real, because we know very little about them. I think that was part of the plan, make the characters more mysterious, since this is suspense/mystery novel. It's not something you need to really dissect and try to solve the mystery, this is not Nancy Drew, the truth always comes out in the end. So just read it till the end.

I really think this book should be read without knowing anything about it first, as it suggests, I feel like that way you will really have to dig in and find out for yourself what it's all about. I enjoyed it quite a bit, it's not the greatest suspense novel, nor is it very scary and mysterious, it's just the curiosity that wins over. While Cadence is trying to find out what happened, you will try and remember for her as well. I do recommend this book, because it's fun. And will leave you shocked. So read and enjoy and don't forget to Lie when asked how it ends.