The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Hmm, this book was  not very good, and quite predictable. But I just had to have it once I saw the previews for the movie, which seemed great. And then finding out that there is a book, I ran to the book store to find a copy. Well lets say I wasn't happy when I finished reading it. Waste of $14, I should have just waited for the movie. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it just wasn't that spooky. So I'm hoping the movie captures the scenes and story better.
For a spooky gothic novel it should have been a lot longer, more suspense, and action. This one is around 170 pages, and it doesn't seem like the story evolves much. Everything seems to happend quickly and there isn't that much spookiness as I would prefer. I flew though this book in a few hours and didn't fell scared at all. There was some rambling from the main character, which all classics have, but it lacked suspense and mystery. The story and characters were cliché if anything. The first chapter was especially slow, the main character just sets the scene and gives a lot of background info that I didn't care for, and then he continues his rambling with not much happening. 
This isn't the type of story that is gonna scare you senseless, and have you up at night, it's a mellowed down ghost story. Something people talk about at bon-fires. But if you like classics then you might enjoy this one. Just remember it's not that scary.
The characters didn't sit well with me either, everyone in town knew that the house was haunted, why not tell the guy who was staying in it. What was the purpose of keeping it a secret, shouldn't he have been warned about what might happen, or why? 
Once I see the movie I will write a review on that too.