The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

This is going to be the number one book I read to my kids in the future, and recommend to any parent.
I have never heard of this book when I was little, I lived in another country and I'm not sure if there is a translation to Polish. But I have heard of it here, and your gonna laugh, but the first time I heard about this book was while watching the Friends show on tv. Yes I know. 
This story is amazing, I was smiling the while time I was reading it, which by the way took me like 15 minutes, It's short to the point and super cute.
It will brighten the imagination of any child, boy or girl. 
The story is about a stuffed toy, a bunny, which was given to a little boy. And with love and care the bunny becomes Real. 
You might say it's a rip off of Toy Story, but remember this book was written way before that, so I guess all those kids shows where toys come alive were inspired by this book.
Loved Loved it!!!