The Stranger By Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a nobel prize winning author, and philosopher who contributed to the rise of absurdism. This novel is known as a classic all around the world. But does it really deserve the title. Some go into deep thought and discussion about the man in this book, and how the human nature is represented. And others say it's just a stupid story that has no plot. One has to read it and make your own judgement, it's a short book, you won't waste a ton of time if you decide to hate it. And I guess at times it was quite entertaining, mainly because the main character is a non emotional freak.
The story starts off with Meursault getting the news that his mother died. He takes time off work to go and make arrangements at the home she was living, and right away we sense that he isn't that close with his mother, or at least that's what it seems like, he kind of sees the whole thing as an inconvenience, but at the same time he has no opinion of it. The day after the funeral he starts sleeping with his ex-coworker. You can say that he is indifferent, or different for that matter, but at times he was just a jerk. The murder of the stranger is a small part in the book, we get to see Meursault though the trial and conviction, and even then he shows no remorse or concern. He did it, now he's being punished, and that is all. There are many examples in the book that show his apathy toward situations that would set off billions of different reactions from normal people. And this is where the discussion begins. Is he normal, are we normal, maybe being indifferent is normal. At least it's normal for him. He can''t change who he is, he just doesn't get emotional, he goes with the flow and doesn't get all that involved in lifes' drama. During his trial the prosecutor tried to condemn him based on his indifference to everyone, showing that if he can go to movies only hours after his mother funeral, than he has no problem murdering someone in cold blood. There are many ways to interpret this book, I guess I'm kind of in the middle on that opinion. Read and decide on your own.