The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

This book was really great, pulled me in from the start. Nicholas Sparks has done it again, even though I hesitated about reading another one of his novels—they have all have the same style, I still liked it very much. And would recommend it.
It follows a story of Denise, a single mother to Kyle, who has limited speech and language understanding, and Taylor McAden, a volunteer fireman, who takes every risk he can, to save lices as well as to fulfill his needs. On the day they meet, she is in a car accident, and while she is unconscious, Kyle goes missing. Taylor and other rescuers go searching for the missing boy. As their lives continue they find each other growing closer, but there's something about Taylor he isn't saying. Keeping himself at a distance.
The author does a great job molding each character, and letting the reader experience the lives and emotions of each one. It's a fast and easy read.