The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mr. Hyde is described as deformed and disliked. He tramples over a girl on the street. Mr. Utterson is a lawyer, and has a will from his friend Dr. Jekyll saying that all his possession and stuff must go to Mr. Hyde. But Mr. Hyde is evil. What will Mr. Utterson do, he is trying to figure out why his friend would choose this monster. I will not tell you more, except that it follows Mr. Utterson as he is trying to solve the mystery between these two men.
It touches on the struggle of one man between himself and well himself. Although it is told from Mr. Utterson's point of view. This book is very short, about a 120 pages, and for a classic it is very easy to read. After just finishing Dracula, I got to say I liked this book a lot more, I really didn't care for the plot, because you can pretty much guess what happens. But the way it was written, it's clear and to the point, no messing around and wasting paper.