The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the Four Agreements offer us a powerful way to transform our lives for the better. A way to achieve personal freedom.
Be Impeccable With Your Word
Don't Take Anything Personally
Don't Make Assumptions
Always Do Your Best
The Toltec were knows as men and women of knowledge, their knowledge has been embodied and passed through the generations. It is not a religion, it is a way of life. As children everything is taught to us, we don't choose where we live, what things to eat, which God to believe in. Those are agreements we made, because we we trained to, yes I said trained. People train their children just like you would a cat or dog. As a little kid you would get rewarded for good behavior or punished for bad. That's how we learned to agree with what was taught us. But how do we know that that is the way to live, maybe it's the right way for others, but what about yourself, when will it be your turn to make your own decision that isn't influenced by anyone or anything else.
In this book you will learn how to transform your life into your own heaven, your own spiritual happiness.
Yes it's common sense that everyone should know, but so is what they teach you in any Religion, yet people still go to church.
This book is more spiritual than religious, (so if you are a die-hard believer you might not agree with the last chapter), it gives some great insight into a different way of living, a way that seems to be more fulfilling and joyful. For me this book is perfect, I couldn't agree with it more, and will be recommending it to others.

What Matters Most by Luanne Rice

"What would you choose if you could make one thing right? For Bernadette and Tom, it is a return to their roots in Ireland and a love that broke every rule and could have withstood any consequence—but the one that broke their hearts. 

For James and Kathleen, whose indelible bond was forged in a Dublin orphanage before one was adopted and carried across the sea to America, it is a reunion they’ve dreamed of all their young lives, even if it defies reason. From the Emerald Isle to the Connecticut shore, four lives  are about to come together in a confrontation that will challenge each of them to leave behind the past and all they once thought was important, and to embrace at last what matters most." This book was quite good, I'm not a big fan of Luanne's writing style but the story was good. There is a lot happening, especially toward the end. And there are about 4 climaxes to the story, so you're never bored. Her writing is simple but repetitive, and she keeps mentioning people eyes. We get it, they're blue. And I did at times want to put the book down, or skip to the end and just find out what happens. But I think if you stick with it you might like it. It's not the best book, the characters are ok, but nothing too special, and Bernadette was getting on my nerves. Maybe if you are a big believer in God or signs, you might enjoy it more. I just felt annoyed at times. The story was nice, but the writing not so much. So I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to many people. Especially if you like happy endings. This one doesn't really have one. Sure on some scale everyone in the book deals with their fait. But it's not what you would expect. 

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

This book was great, I read it in two days, it really holds your interest throughout the whole book. The story is about a young girl Lily Owens whose father T. Ray (what she calls him) is abusive and neglectful. She has never heard him say he loved her, or anything that resembled feelings. Unless they were anger, he would punish her by having her kneel on grits. Her mother died in a "gun accident" when Lily was only four years old. Leaving her with her father and nanny/housekeeper Rosaleen, who in part is a stand in for her mother. But when Rosaleen gets arrested for insulting three racists, Lily decides this would be a good time to leave to Tiburon, South Carolina, a town she believes to be connected to her mother. She and Rosaleen find refuge with three beekeeping sisters, who in turn introduce Lily to a mesmerizing life of bees, honey and black Madonnas. This story is all about female empowerment, love and forgiveness.

This story will definitely have an effect on anyone who reads it. It teaches powerful lessons, especially to young girls who are struggling with a hard life. Sue Monk Kidd did a great job capturing every detail of the Pink House, Lily's life as well as all the other characters, I kept thinking that this is a memoir, but even though it's not, it still feels real.

I gave this book three stars, but I can definitely see why it deserves five. This is just not my favorite style of reading, but it's still great, and everyone should read it. I wonder is they read this book in schools.

And I just found out there's a movie. How great is that. After I watch it I'll post my review of that also.

90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper

Ok, so the message of the book is great for anyone who is a believer in God, also might make some believe in God, but the writing not that great. I understand that Don is telling his story as it happened, but he repeats himself over and over. By the middle I was frustrated with him telling me how he realized he was taken to heaven and then back to earth to teach and inspire others over and over. I get it. But I pushed through and finished it.

The events and all that he went through are inspiring, maybe a little more for people who went through something traumatic, for others maybe not so much. I'm not saying don't believe what he experienced isn't true, but it doesn't hit the spot for people who haven't been through something life changing. And I won't discuss any more due to religion, and offending someone. Read it and you'll find out. Overall it was a good book, and teaches you to not take life for granted and love others, and that if you believe you can do anything.

The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs - REVIEW

This book is funny and inspiring, I loved it.

A.J. Jacobs does a great job of not only following the Bible and other religious books but also his view on the world adds a nice perspective.

He is a secular Jew and decided to follow the Bible as literally as possible for 12 months. Both the old and the New Testament. It's amazing how far he gets into it, but he does admit that it's not easy, mostly because people don't act like that anymore and society has changed. So talking a certain way and the way he looks doesn't necessarily please everyone.

Nonetheless, he does a great job, plus the humor helps too. I was laughing as well as rethinking my own religious views, even though I'm Catholic and he mostly focused of Judaism.

I definitely enjoyed this book, even recommended it to some people, one of which is my mom, a huge Catholic believer. Hope she will enjoy it too.