The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls - REVIEW

Compelling and detailed look on the authors childhood memories of poverty and neglect certainly makes you think about life's hardships. 

The Glass Castle is a memoir of Jeannette Walls who along with her siblings survive a harsh and dysfunctional childhood. 

Her parents were dreamers, but lacked the motivation to achieve those dreams. Her father was a genius, he taught them science, math, physics, everything one wants to know. But when he drank there was no stopping him, he was destructive and careless. Her mother was an artist, but never made a sale. She was tired of raising kids and would refuse to provide for them. The children had to take care of themselves, and each other, eventually they made their way to New York where they were able to find success. Their parents followed, but refused help and preferred to be homeless. Describing it as an adventure.

You can't help but sympathize with the children, and get angry at the parents for being so oblivious to their children's needs. 

The authors writing is detailed in way that you can picture yourself there, her memories are truly astounding, and vivid. Describing every member of the family, what they went through, and how they lived.  I loved this bookat times I was surprised at the things the parents would do, even angry, and then I was amazed at how the kids dealt with it. They vere strong and resilient. Even being able to relate on some level to each person. And then I look at my life, and how many things I take for granted, this really opens your eyes. I will never look at a homeless person the same way. I would recommend it to anyone who has children, and a family the most. This story will make you consider all that you have and how much you should be thankful for it.