The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

I was instantly drawn to this book, as soon as i read the first sentence I knew I was going to enjoy it. It has a sort of charm to it, being that it's a fairy tale for kids. I wanted to see the movie but I had to read the book first, so I finished it in one day and went to see the movie. I would say this is one of the few books that I read and saw a movie on that didn't ruin either one. I would say I liked the movie just as much as I did the book. Although I didn't know that they were making more than one movie out of such a short book.
The story is told from the point of view of the Hobbit, but I guess you can say the narrator talks more about him than as him. So for those of you that don't know the story of the Hobbit, it's about well a Hobbit, his name is Bilbo Baggins, he lives in a hole, and is deadly afraid of adventures or any type of journey, as all Hobbits are. He prefers his alone time and enjoys good food and all the comforts of living in a cozy hobbit hole. Yet he gets a surprise when Gandalf shows up with some friends and tricks him into hosting a party, and Bilbo being Bilbo gets interested and agrees to an adventure. And that is the end of Bilbos quiet life, he gets to go on a journey that will change his and everyones’ lives.

Of course being a children's tale we have the princes, kings, fairies, trolls, and of course dragons. It's beautifully written, simple enough for kids yet it also satisfies an adult. And It's a quick read too, I read the whole thing in a few hours. It just pulls you in and you have to finish it.

I would highly recommend this book, especially to read to kids as a bedtime story.

A Hidden Affair by Pam Jenoff

This book was good, not as good as it's prequel, Almost Home, but it was good nonetheless. I didn't like the ending as much, probably because since I started the first book I was hoping for a different one. But the writing was good, easy to read and understand.

It picks up right where the previous book ended, when Jordan is on a quest to find out what happened to Jared the College boyfriend who faked death. While on her mission she comes in contact with a man who is looking for the same woman that Jared is associated with. They join forces in order to find them. Although Jordan has some difficulty trusting this man, and finding out he has lied to her about his job, she brakes their bond and sets off alone. And soon she finds the answers, and more, that she is looking for. Yes I rate it a 3 star, because it didn't seem as suspenseful as Almost Home, and the ending could have been better. But overall it was a good book, and I think I'd still recommend it to some.

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

This book is great, once you figure out what is going on. It is told from four different characters' point of view. So you have to pay attention to who is telling their story when. Aside from that it is very well written. Not difficult to read and had a nice quality about it, with some humor. Especially from Leo, a sad old man, who likes to cause trouble, on purpose.

The short summary is that Leo (the bitter old man who is constantly worried that he will die alone) wrote a book a long time ago about a girl he was in love with, Alma. This book was given to someone to hold when he fled Poland, now Leo realizes that the book has survived in another county and was published in another language, under a different name. It has been inspiring and touching lives for decades. The rest I will let you find out. It's full of twists and turns, that all come together and intertwine to make a beautiful story. The main idea of the story is that Love survives all, one persons love can open other hearts. If you get confused at the beginning even in the middle, be patient it all gets explained.