What Matters Most by Luanne Rice

"What would you choose if you could make one thing right? For Bernadette and Tom, it is a return to their roots in Ireland and a love that broke every rule and could have withstood any consequence—but the one that broke their hearts. 

For James and Kathleen, whose indelible bond was forged in a Dublin orphanage before one was adopted and carried across the sea to America, it is a reunion they’ve dreamed of all their young lives, even if it defies reason. From the Emerald Isle to the Connecticut shore, four lives  are about to come together in a confrontation that will challenge each of them to leave behind the past and all they once thought was important, and to embrace at last what matters most." This book was quite good, I'm not a big fan of Luanne's writing style but the story was good. There is a lot happening, especially toward the end. And there are about 4 climaxes to the story, so you're never bored. Her writing is simple but repetitive, and she keeps mentioning people eyes. We get it, they're blue. And I did at times want to put the book down, or skip to the end and just find out what happens. But I think if you stick with it you might like it. It's not the best book, the characters are ok, but nothing too special, and Bernadette was getting on my nerves. Maybe if you are a big believer in God or signs, you might enjoy it more. I just felt annoyed at times. The story was nice, but the writing not so much. So I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to many people. Especially if you like happy endings. This one doesn't really have one. Sure on some scale everyone in the book deals with their fait. But it's not what you would expect. 

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Mangum - REVIEW

This book is AMAZING!I loved it, the story is very moving, had me crying, and I can honestly say no other book ever has.  At first I was a little apprehensive about it, since this is the first book this author has written, but aside from a couple of spelling and grammar errors I found this book is really touching.The book starts with Kathy a teenager ready to start High School who is constantly hearing stories of her dead brother Brett from her family. Every day they seem to talk about how amazing he was and what he did. But all she can think of is why they aren't moving on. She feels left out since she was only two years old when he died, and she doesn't really care what they have to say. As the book progresses Kathy is drawn more and more to her dead brother, she looks at his pictures and feels something, a connection? But she can't put her finger on it. On her birthday she is given a present, a present that has been waiting for her for 14 years. Her brother Brett has given her his Journal, that was written for her. In it she finds out who her brother really was, his thoughts, struggles and how she was a big part of his life, even though she didn't know about it. As she is going though her own problems with everything from friends to religion, the journal teaches her how to be patient and how to deal with it. This story is a perfect example of a girl coming-of-age, who learns the importance of life, love, family, and faith.