REVIEW: IT by Stephen King

REVIEW: IT by Stephen King

I really want to like Stephen King, I do. I have many of his books, but this one was just not my cup of tea. When you write about 10 year old having sex (a girl with about 5 guys) you have lost my interest. Ever since I read that I was grossed out and really wanted to just give up on the book. But then I got the audio book again and listened to it while I was running, if it wasn't for that I would not have finished it.

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Mother Mother by Koren Zailckas

I had just finished reading "Echo in the Bone" by Diana Gabaldon and let's say I had enough, so I decided to not finish the series just yet and move on to something a little more exciting. I requested this free book from Blogging For Books and lets say it was a good thing thy had it available right away. I absolutely loved this book. At first I had my doubts, I felt like there wasn't enough details about the characters, (going from Diana Gabaldon who put wayyy too much detail) and then when there was detail I felt like it wasn't natural, like the author had to force herself to add more depth and character to the family. But as I kept reading the story grew on me, and sooner then I realized I was hooked. I think the writing need a bit more work. But the story is phenomenal. The ending was good, I mean after the big OMG!! moment, we get to see the family till the end and know what happens to them later on. 

We are presented with Josephine, the narsassistic mother, who's main concern is the family image and what people will say. She has many issues, but so does the whole family. The 12 years old son Will is autistic and Violet, 16 is on drugs, while the dad is an alcoholic being accused to cheating. Not to mention that their older daughter has run away from home. So how does this family get any worse, well Violet attacks Will with a knife, and is sent to the psych hospital. From where she is desperately trying to find her sister Rose. The mom seems to be trying to keep the family together, and help Will with his social issues. But all she is doing is driving everyone away from her even more. 

I kept feeling like I was on a roller coaster, at first I thought the mom was nuts, then I thought it was probably a trick ending kind of book so I thought it was the dad, and then Violet and then back to mom. I really kept me on my toes, because I didn't know where the story was going to go next. It's a quick and easy read, great when trying to take a brake from a series.

I will definitely recommend this book to others.