The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

I really wanted to read this book, mostly because I wanted to see the movie, and I have to read the book first. Well what a disappointment that was. Usually I like Sparks' books, but this one was just too fake. Come on, a soldier finds a picture that saves his life and then he decides to find the girl in it. And she falls in love with him. I don't think so. Sure things happen and you can say "it's fiction, it's not supposed to be real". But at a little more reality would be good. I would categorize it as "fiction/fantasy/inyourdreams". It was cheesy and I couldn't wait to finish it so I could watch the movie. Well the movie was just as bad. It was just bad. No other thing to say about it. I did however like Clayton, even though he was the bad guy, he seemed to be more interesting to me, he wasn't as polished as everyone else in the book.
Thibault of course is an ex-Marine, good looking, great with kids, loves dogs, handy with tools everything that a real man is not. Im not saying that there aren't any great guys out there, but he was a little too far fetched. Elizabeth was also too polished, the great mom, cares only about her kid, takes care of her grandmother, attractive, even is nice to her douche ex. Just too perfect. Yes it has a very surprising ending, I was almost done and than BAM, it just slapped me in the face. But it still sucked. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm not in dreamland anymore. I used to be in a crappy relationship, so I would read these romance books to kind of escape reality, and imagine that I had a good and happy relationship. Well that didn't work. Only way out was to end it. And that's what I did. So I guess now when I read this cheesy romance stuff it does nothing to me. I don't have to imagine that it's good, because it is.
I don't know if I'd recommend this book to anyone, maybe hardcore romantics only.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

This book is a sequal to The Notebook, Wilson is married to Noah and Allies daugher, Noah is a creekside, where he and Alle moved to once her memory started to get worse. Noah is still the same as ever, big romantic with The Leaves of Grass always by his side and a new friend by the pond.

After forgetting his 29th wedding anniversary Wilson is convinced his wife Jane is not in love with him, and with the romance gone from their relationship they seem to have drifted apart, especially since their kids moved out of the house. And with their daughters wedding being planned in just 10 days, he is desperate. Wilson tries to rekindle that fire that has died down over the years. And even with Noah, the romantic, he still has a hard time expressing this true feelings through words. He doesn't know how to tell his wife he loves her. Even though he knows his love has only grown over the years. Now he has to find a way to win her back. This book is exactly what you would expect from Nicholas Sparks, easy to read, romantic, makes you wish you were part of the book, and a great surprise ending. It almost made me cry, and I'm not much of a crier, but I did smile like an idiot, so happy for the ending. I wonder if this will be a movie too.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

This book was great, really easy to read. Maybe too easy, there wasn't a lot of description in setting and characters, but the story came across beautifully. I wouldn't say I loved it —the movie was much better— but I did like it enough to give it 5 stars. My opinion might have been clouded by the fact that I already saw the movie 5 times.

This story is about two teenagers, one rich one poor, who fall in love one summer only to be separated for 15 years. When they meet again the love they had is stronger then ever. And that's pretty much all there is to it, if I give out more I feel like I'm telling the whole story again. It's really fast paced, you will read it in one sitting. Some say it's not worth all the hype but I think Nicholas Sparks meant for it to be this way. They way life flies by when we are in love is just as quick as the story. Sure the movie added some things that weren't in the book but it didn't go away from the main idea. That even teenagers can fall in love, no matter what the circumstances. And are able to survive it all.

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

This book was really great, pulled me in from the start. Nicholas Sparks has done it again, even though I hesitated about reading another one of his novels—they have all have the same style, I still liked it very much. And would recommend it.
It follows a story of Denise, a single mother to Kyle, who has limited speech and language understanding, and Taylor McAden, a volunteer fireman, who takes every risk he can, to save lices as well as to fulfill his needs. On the day they meet, she is in a car accident, and while she is unconscious, Kyle goes missing. Taylor and other rescuers go searching for the missing boy. As their lives continue they find each other growing closer, but there's something about Taylor he isn't saying. Keeping himself at a distance.
The author does a great job molding each character, and letting the reader experience the lives and emotions of each one. It's a fast and easy read.