Strangers by Dean Koontz

"This book is about a group of people who are brought together by their different and equally strange maladies. These people gather to meet in the middle of the Nevada 'high-desert' to try and figure out what was done to them, who could have done it, while at same time being watched by the people who have done this." As excited as I was when I started this book, due to an awesome recommendation (thanks babe), my excitement quickly diminished. The story was a good and unique idea for the time when this book was written, but it lacked interest and suspense. The surprise ending was predictable, the cover of the book is a good place to start, and the author also gives clues within the first few chapters. The moon...the moon...the moon.... I could guess it's something about aliens, because why else would all the characters be interested in the moon, surely they don't care if it's made out of cheese or not. There is too much time devoted to character development and the back story, it seems as if it's leading up to something amazing, but in reality it's boring and a big disappointment, kind of mushy too.  Ok I won't be too mean, I did like the beginning, you get to meet all the characters, and the different unexplainable things that happend to them. Your mind wonders, where is this gonna go, who do we meet next, what will they remember. But as the pieces of the puzzle are being revealed you realize that they were never really hidden. That's when I say to myself, what the hell? I already knew that, why am I still reading this?  The book would have been better if Koontz devoted a little more time to the ending and a little less time on meaningless events that we could all do without. Every time I put the book down I didn't really want to pick it back up, I could have easily gave up on it, but I stuck to it. I wasn't the most horrible book I have read. But it sure is on the bottom of my list.