The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs - REVIEW

This book is funny and inspiring, I loved it.

A.J. Jacobs does a great job of not only following the Bible and other religious books but also his view on the world adds a nice perspective.

He is a secular Jew and decided to follow the Bible as literally as possible for 12 months. Both the old and the New Testament. It's amazing how far he gets into it, but he does admit that it's not easy, mostly because people don't act like that anymore and society has changed. So talking a certain way and the way he looks doesn't necessarily please everyone.

Nonetheless, he does a great job, plus the humor helps too. I was laughing as well as rethinking my own religious views, even though I'm Catholic and he mostly focused of Judaism.

I definitely enjoyed this book, even recommended it to some people, one of which is my mom, a huge Catholic believer. Hope she will enjoy it too.