REVIEW: The Silent Wife


I had some big expectations for this book, mostly because I heard that it was similar to Gone Girl, which I liked a lot, but sadly it was really disappointing. Right from the start I didn't like it, I just couldn't connect with the characters, they weren't developed well and didn't seen real to me.

I thought I was going to like it at some point, but that quickly died down. This is not a thriller, there is no suspense at all, we are basically told the ending in the first few lines of the book so that really took the thrill out of it for me. The rest I just listened to just in case it would get better. The main characters, Jodi and Todd take turns telling their story, and how their relationship took a turn for the worse. She is a psychologist who apparently has more problems then all her clients combined, and I don't even remember what he does for a living, I just didn't care. He cheats and she does little things to get revenge. She takes his keys so he can't get in the building. She even goes as far as drugging him, and then pretends like nothing happened. I understand what it's like to get cheated on, and what it's like to get some sweet revenge, oh it feels so good, and this book would have been perfect if it had some more suspense and more drama, but it was just boring. I didn't care for the characters, and I didn't care for what happened to them I guess that's where Gone Girl was different, I didn't like those characters either but they were more thrilling, more suspenseful, I was curious what the big climax was going to be.  With this story I just didn't care. I listened to it till the end, and I really don't remember what happens, I just remember not being impressed at all. So if you want to read it just because you heard that it's the new Gone Girl, it's not. You might like it, but it's not Gone Girl.