REVIEW: Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella


What would you do if suddenly you didn't remember your life? Would you get depressed, believe everything everyone is telling you about your life or would you seek the truth and find yourself? I personally love stories about memory loss, amnesia and stuff like that, just the idea of not knowing who you are is hair-raising, and so bizarre to me that I can't get enough. Yes, I'm a weirdo. Although in this story the character looses a part of herself, she gains so much more.

The books follows Lexi when she wakes up in a hospital after an accident, and doesn't remember who she is. Rather, the last 4 years of her life. The most crucial ones. To her shock she has a totally different life, lives in a loft style home, married a rich guy and she's now the boss of the company she used to work for. Oh and all her friends hate her.

Who could she have done in only four years to change her life so drastically. We follow her as she tries to piece together the pieces and figure out why she's the way she is. Is she happy, does she love her husband or her new life?

I really enjoyed this book, this was my first ever Sophie Kinsella book and I am now a fan.


I liked the characters, they were well written and developed, I liked each one of them. Although Lexi's mom could have been focused on just a tiny bit more. I feel like I hater her but don't know exactly why. Maybe the way she seems so cold has something to do with Lexi's father, but we don't get enough of that information. I really hated the husband, what a duche, it's all about the money and keeping a clean house.

I like how the book flowed. It wasn't too cramped up with detail, and it's a fun read. So if you're expecting to learn some big life lesson pick something else. This is like watching the Lifetime Network. It's a feel good story. I recommend it.