REVIEW: IT by Stephen King


I don't even know where to start with this book, I was expecting a lot, I thought it was going to be the greatest book I have ever read, but that didn't happen. At first I was totally lost, I didn't know who was who, there were so many characters and each of them was telling his or her own story that I couldn't figure it out. Then once I understood what was happening, what the plot was and who the characters were, I liked it a lot. I wanted to finish it quickly, but that all went downhill when my audio book ran out from the library and I actually had to read the book. And back to square one. Confusion. The story went from bad to good to bad and then to shocking gross and disturbing. Then back to confusing and boring.

I really want to like Stephen King, I do. I have many of his books, but this one was just not my cup of tea. When you write about 10 year old having sex (a girl with about 5 guys) you have lost my interest. Ever since I read that I was grossed out and really wanted to just give up on the book. But then I got the audio book again and listened to it while I was running, if it wasn't for that I would not have finished it.

The idea of the story was good, a group of kids want to catch the monster or "creature" that has been killing children in their town. They are haunted by this monster and they give it all to destroy it, and they think they do, but when they are older the monster is back, and they have to do it all over again. The majority of the book is about them when they are young, about 10-13 years old. And jumps back to current time when they are all middle aged and reunited to destroy IT.

I don't get it, is there some deeper meaning to this story, because I don't see it. All I see is a lot of imagination from King and not much sense to it all. If you read let me know what you thought.

I will only recommend it to someone who really likes Kings other creepy books.