REVIEW: Across the Universe by Beth Revis


Take a trip across the universe with residents of Godspeed, a space ship that has been traveling to another planet for centuries.

I didn't know what to expect from this book, I haven't really heard anything about it before I read it. I had the third book at home, and I bought it because it was on sale, yea, I do that. Then I read the back of it and realized that it's the third in a series, so I ordered the first one and started reading. Well I listened to it while running. Either way, it starts off with Amy and her parents getting ready to be cryogenically frozen, so that she can wake up in 300 years on a different planet, where her parents are going to help build a new life for people of earth (Because of course we have ruined our planet). Like any teenager she is scared and doesn't know what to do, should she go with her parents or should she stay and never see them again. She chooses to get frozen for 300 years, or so she thinks. When she wakes up she is in for a shock.


At first I didn't really care for Amy, she wasn't very whiny, she almost seemed too smart for a teenager. What teenager would want to save a whole ship and then teach them the ways of the earth. None, they're too busy doing whatever it is they do nowadays.

Now the ship is another thing all on it's own. It's huge, and by huge I mean gigantic, it has farms and cities and a lot of people, as well as the frozen people. And everyone talks so weird, "chutz"? That word bugged me so much I cringed every time I heard it. would the language and "race" change that much over that many years. Anywhere between 300-1000 years. I think, I can't really get it right since they never actually say how many years it has been.

Oh and Elder, what a big whiny baby, good thing Amy makes him realize what is going on by the end.


I wouldn't say it's predictable, I had other guesses, but I guess some people saw the ending coming. If you're a teenager read it, if not then maybe you should pass, because it is a bit immature.