Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I loved this book, the characters are very believable and their personalities are witty and funny, at least on the Bennet side. Mrs. Bennet is obnoxious enough to make you laugh, and she dramatizes every little thing. Mr. Bennet on the other side is more collected and likes to poke fun at his wife, in a discrete way. The Bennet sisters are all over the place. Elizabeth, although not the oldest seems to have her life figured out. She is the most sensible and intelligent of all her sisters. She likes to speak her mind and doesn't care what others think of her. Jane the eldest, said to be the beautiful one, is more reserved than the rest. Mary Bennet is the third daughter, she is best described as a bookworm. Lydia and Catherine are both gossipy, immature and care only about their selves, when they aren't chasing boys.
The story mostly revolves around Elizabeth, and how her quick judgements of others are proven wrong. 
The story starts out with a rumor that a wealthy gentleman, Charles Bingley is moving into Netherfield Park, it causes Mrs. Bennet to overreact with hopes to marry one of her daughters off to the new resident. After they are acquainted with their new neighbor, they are introduced to his friend Mr. Darcy, who at first impression is stuck up, arrogant and rude. Which makes Mrs. Bennet even more anxious. Elizabeth on the other hand is not interested in the man who doesn't seem to be interested in anyone besides himself. She soon finds out that his Pride and her Prejudice against him have more in common than she thought. 
The book is a perfect example of a classical story, told with perfect suspense. I'd say it's a classic comedy about teenage love. Sometimes you forget it was set in the 19th century. 
The 2009 movie is pretty good, and follows the book to a good degree, although I didn't see any of the other versions. But when I watched "Becoming Jane", which is supposed to be about Jane Austen, I couldn't help but think either someone based Pride and Prejudice on her life or vice versa.