One Day by David Nicholls

I am very happy I came across this book. I highly recommend it. At first I couldn't get used to the way it was written jumping a year ahead in every chapter but once it picked up speed I couldn't put it down.

It starts out with Emma and Dexter graduating from a University in Scotland, her always having a crush on him, and him being the usual bad boy never noticing her. It's July 15th and from there every chapter is on July 15th of the following year. The anniversary of they they they officially met.Each year is different, one happy one sad, you know life. But it's nice to see how their lives are changing through the 20 years. Emma and Dexter become friends, best friends in fact, and constantly you are hoping they will end up together, even though they are total opposites. He's the crazy outgoing, party till he drops kind of guy and she is more reserved and I would say shy. The author does a great job of describing these characters and the scenes. I felt like I was watching a movie. It's an easy read, although the some of the English phrases confused me at first.

So without giving too much away I highly recommend this book if you enjoy romantic comedies. You will laugh and you will cry. And the best part. The movie is coming out in two weeks.