Mothers & Other Liars by Amy Bourret

At first I couldn't get used to the authors writing style, it seemed to be jumping from one idea to another, and introducing too many characters right at the beginning without giving a good description of who they were. But I did finish it in one day, and did enjoy it. The plot may not be very believable, parts of it seem a bit exaggerated.
This is a story about Ruby, who nine years ago found an abandoned baby at a rest stop, she took the child with her and headed west to start a new life. Now her life is turned upside down when she finds out that Lark, the girl she has been raising as her own wasn't abandoned at all. She faces many obstacles as she fights for what is right, and for her family.
Maybe I'd like it more if part of the book was written from the daughters perspective as well, I fell like I only get a part of the whole story, which really involves both of them equally, and that's why it gets three stars. It was good, didn't pull me in as other books have. It's a good relaxing read, and maybe I'd enjoy it more if I had kids of my own.