For the Love of Cats

I loved it.

Cats, cats, cats, yes you guessed it I love cats, mine more then others, and I can't get enough of them. And this book is just one way for me to love them even more. This book has many facts and interesting stories about cats. Poems, stories, funny information as well as cute pictures. It's great for any cat lover who wants to learn a little more about their little fur balls. It's funny as well as informing, has some history on cats and how they uses to be worshipped in Egypt and how they became household pets. Although any cat lover like me worships their cats. I'm pretty sure I'll get this for a couple people I know who share my crazy cat world. I was reading it and laughing out loud, because everything it said about cats I could relate to mine. I think this would be great for kids too. Has more pictures then actual reading.