Dracula by Bram Stoker

I don't really know what to think about this book, I'm not as satisfied as I hoped I would be. The first quarter of the book was great. Deserves like 4 stars. We meet Dracula in his castle and we can't wait till he starts sucking on people, but when he finally does it, it was just boring. He just lingers around, sucking a little bit at a time —hah that was a weird way to say that— not really getting it over with. And you'd think that people would become suspicious by a strange man hanging around Lucy, or that her blood is being sucked out every day. And even when Dr. Van Helsing gets there he still fails to protect her. But by this time we have met Dracula and know what he is all about, so this part of the story isn't suspenseful at all. We're just waiting for the characters to finally realize what the hell is happening and to do something about it. But even after that when the Count attacks Mina, they still think it's fatigue, and not blood sucking.
It wasn't suspenseful enough for me, the second half of the book felt like it was dragging too much, and the characters seems a bit off. Maybe I've been damaged by all the other Vampire stuff that's out there now a days and can't enjoy a good classic. But I don't know, read it and decide for yourself. It was good but definitely not the best book I've read.