Bellagrand by Paullina Simons

I could easily say that Paullina Simons is one of my favorite authors, she did such an amazing job with The Bronze Horseman that I didn't sleep for days trying to finish all three of the books. And now with the prequels she does it again. I was really excited about this book coming out, I counted down days to its release and Amazon delivering it to my doorstep. I started immediately.

I'm going to assume that if you're reading this book, or considering it, you have read The Bronze Horseman (book one of the series). And so you know how this one ends. But the events that take it to that sad ending are even more depressing. There were many times when I just wanted to throw this book in the fire, and that's because it was so good. Simons is very good when it comes to making the characters feel real, you start caring about them as if they really existed. She gives them life, future, past and the present, we get to know them from every angle. So if you are familiar with Alexanders future you know that there is no way this book will end on a happy note. And even then I found myself hoping that it somehow would. In the House of Liberty we find out how Gina and Harry meet, and how they fall in love. "Oh to be young and in love". But in this book we see them years later, married, and happy? I don't think they are, but they are too blind to see that for themselves. The whole time I wanted to shake Gina (Jane) and tell her that she is being stupid, and to immediately divorce Harry. I don't understand why she would put up with him. She cooks, cleans, takes care of her mom, and works a bunch of jobs. All while her lazy good for nothing husband sits at home and reads about communism. He is in and out of jail for years and still she forgives him. He is her only family left. OMG!! I want to kick him so hard. This was such a good book, and I will remember it forever how it made me feel. Angry. But what it did is really made me feel for the characters, and see how all these things affected Alexander, and how we see him in the other books.

I might have to re-red the other three because now I have a different view on the whole story. Once again Paullina you did such an amazing job I don't know if anyone can top it. I will keep looking foreword to other books and the movie.