I read for fun and only fun and if it sounds good I might make an exception, but since I am 30 I mostly enjoy books for that age group. Reading about a 40 year old man going through midlife crisis is just not my taste.  

Adult (this is the genre I read the most of) Contemporary Historical Fiction Mystery and Suspense Horror (I don’t mean killing, chopping into pieces kind of horror, more along the lines of hauntings and ghosts)

I am NOT interested in Sci-fi or YA

•I will gladly accept eBooks (Kindle), but I would prefer hard copies.
•I might accept audio books, depending on the type of book.
•I will consider and look over all requests but can’t make any guarantees.
•I have nothing against self published authors, it all depends on what the book is about, and if I want to read it.
•If I accept to review your book, I do not guarantee that it will be read right away, or reviewed, but will do my best to get to it in a timely manner. If you have a deadline or time frame by when you need the review, please include that in your request. This will be one of the deciding factors, as I might have other books that have been received earlier.
•I will not give the book 5 stars just because I got it for free, I will provide my honest opinion, even if it doesn’t agree with others.
•If you don't hear back from me after a few days it means I'm not interested. I just don't have the time to write back to everyones requests. In your review request please include: The cover of the book Goodreads link Link to your web side Official synopsis

Please send all your requests to sillybookquirks@gmail.com, and include "review request" in the subject line. Thank you, and I hope to see what you have to offer.