weekend update


I am linking up with runningnreadin.com in this Weekend Update Link-up, love this idea and will be joining weekly (I hope). So here is my weekend, I hope you guys enjoy it and can't wait to see yours...

There wasn't much going on here this weekend. Aside from doing the dishes at least 15 times and yelling "don't touch that!" every few seconds I did manage to finish a book Mother, Mother by Koren Zailckas. Check out the review here. I spent the days mostly with the baby, and helping out with the house remodel, we're building a room in the back for our little art studio, we both paint and currently all our stuff is in the laundry room, not much space. Canvases are taking over the house, if anyone is interested here is the website where you can purchase my awesome painter boyfriend's stuff. I picked up some new books to try and cram on my bookshelves, like I don't have enough. I can't help it, I'm am seriously addicted to buying books, I NEED HELP. I don't think there's ever a time when I go to Target and not check out the book section, there might be something new and amazing and I can miss it. And we don't want that. I have heard of Under the Dome by Stephen King being a new series and have been seeing it all over the place but I never took an interest. Well something told me to read the back of the book Duh! And wow, I love the concept, wasn't this on The Simpsons? Either way I will read this one really soon. And I read The Husbands Secret a little while ago and loved it, so without even reading what Big Little Lies was about I just bought it. What the heck, right. untitled-945

I only managed to run 4 miles total, my goal was 4 miles at once, but no chance, I'm so out of shape need to start my Pilates again, some strength training, my hips and knees are bad bad bad. I wanted to do an 8K reach in September but I don't know if I'll be in shape by then, seems like I'm fallen apart (health wise) and I'm only 27. Oh well, I'll keep trying. I did rent an audio book (The Help) from the library and was listening to that while running, I kind of like that, more relaxing than music. 


untitled-942-2 untitled-943

The OH SO GREAT! thing that happened this weekend was Saturday at 12am I watched the premiere of Outlander on STARZ!! OMG I loved it, they did great job sticking to the story and of course Jamie is super hot. No really what I imagined, only way better.


I spent A LOT of time on redesigning my blog, yes this blog. I moved to wordpress last week and just have to make it look and function well, it's about 90% done, so bare with me here.

Also I baked and cooked and made some ice-cream. (recipe below)untitled-950 untitled-955 untitled-952(I promise she's safe)

untitled-947 untitled-942

Spending all day with the little munching is so fun, yes she was trying to eat crackers with a spoon. Hahaha So that's my weekend, motherly duties and some books.  I will be checking out what everyone else has been up to, and maybe I can stumble on something new and interesting.