weekend update


I am linking up with runningnreadin.com in this Weekend Update Link-up, love this idea and will be joining weekly (I hope). So here is my weekend, I hope you guys enjoy it and can’t wait to see yours…

This weekend wasn't really eventful, I spent most of it reading and relaxing. We did attend a wedding on Friday night, which was great, but after a day of work all I wanted to do was sleep. On saturday we woke up as late as we could, given we have a 1 year old it was about 8am. And we had to start getting ready for the neighborhood block party. We prepared some food, and headed over there, and boy did the baby love it. The fire truck showed up and was spraying the kids with water in the middle of the street. Evelyn loved the water, and of course I had to get all wet too while holding her. But it was fun. She was running around the grass having a blast, giggling the whole time. Even stayed way past her bed time, but she slept like a log. I met some new neighbors, a fellow runner in his 60's that's training for a half marathon. Crazy, I can't even do more than 5k, yet. Sunday I spent finishing up The Help, and I absolutely loved it. Review will be up today or tomorrow. I watched the movie already, which I DVR'd about 2 years ago, and still haven't watched it. The characters were so not what I pictured in my head, everyone seemed really young.  But more on that in my review. I didn't run at all, couldn't find a good time. Plus I've been feeling really sick, headaches and dizziness. So I didn't do much. That is all for my weekend. Hopefully yours was much more fun. Can't wait to see everyones posts.