I still hate 50 Shades of Grey


So this may be a little sensitive to people who LOVE 50 shades of grey. If you love the book don't read this post. I will piss you off.

I read the first book, hated it, had to force myself to finish it because I kept hoping it would get better, because why else would it be popular, but guess what? It never did get better. And I still hate it, and then, just when I thought I had escaped it forever, I found out there was a movie coming out. Great, now I have to listen to people talk about it all over again. Starting about late Thursday my Facebook exploded with every girl posting "Omg! I'm going to see 50 Shades I can't wait!!!!". Ugh, I wanted to unfired so many people. After everyone saw the movie they just had to post how much they loved it as well. Why am I friends with these people? Why would you go see this movie on Valentine's day, this movie has ZERO love in it, it's about a guy who needs to control a woman, and make her do what ever he wants her to do. No questions asked. Seems a little strange to me. Like he might kill her at the end. Hahaha.

No, I will not go see the movie, if I do want to ever see it (and I hope that day never comes) I will wait till it's free somewhere, like Netflix. Because I am not going to spend $10 on a ticket to see porn, badly done porn that is. I'm guessing they couldn't really put all the sex in the movie like it was described in the book, because they it wouldn't be in the theaters. It would be on porn.com.

Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with sex, I love reading steamy romance, but this was just badly written. If you can't spell and don't know english grammar maybe you should not be writing books. But I guess that's not all the authors fault. The it's the publishers job to proofread. This was fan fiction after all. And probably 90% of people who read these books don't know that it was fan fiction for Twilight, which they haven't read and in my opinion was better then this, even though it wasn't good either. My question is, don't they have people at the publishing house to go through this and correct mistakes in grammar. I really wanted to take a red pen and start correcting. There would literally be paragraphs without any sentences. The sentence would just go on and on and no period in sight. That's the first thing that put me off. The second thing I hated about this book was the inner goddess. Anyone who thinks like that is still 12 and should definitely not be having sex. We are getting dumber and dumber as a society if we think that being a submissive and basically having the guy rape you when ever he wants to is ok. 

I get it though, I used to be in college, and I have experience with sex without any strings attached, but this is just too weird for me. I just hate it soooo much. Ok rant over.

Now if you are looking for something worth reading, that also includes a lot of sex, and I mean nice steamy good sex. And a great story to go with it I recommend Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, or Alexander and Tatiana, the second book of the trilogy by Paullina Simons.