Hobbies and Babies

babies and books

(even the baby loves her books)

When I got pregnant a couple years ago, instead of being told by others that my life will now be full of joy and happiness and little giggles running around the house, I was mostly told that my life will be over. (And that my plan on an epidural free birth was doomed to fail too because I have no idea the pain I will be in. Well, they were wrong. I did it all natural, and even read a book while in labor, well the first few hours of it anyway. Your can all about that in my birth story.)

They said that nce you have a kid you won't have time for hobbies (mine being reading and painting). All these people don't even have hobbies, what do they know, when they're done with cleaning cooking and caring for the kids they watch tv, or go to sleep. So yea I guess they don't have time for hobbies, they don't have them to begin with. I thought it was absolutely silly, maybe all those people have monster children that don't listen and don't sleep, ever.

baby sleeping with book

Babies are fun, yes they are a lot of work, but that shouldn't come as a shock to people, you have 9 months to prepare and realize that it's gonna be a lot of work. So with that in mind I set off to prove people that I will not be affected by this. Sure my life will change, we won't be able to go to the movies whenever we want to, or out to dinner because of bed times and no available babysitters. But you know what, we are introverts, we don't like parties and clubs and the such. We prefer to stay home and read, watch tv, my boyfriend plays guitar. We had hobbies and you know what we still do.

And I know people who read and do other things as well as have children, so I was out to prove all the haters wrong.

This is how my day goes.

• I wake up at 6am, get ready, wake up the baby at around 7am and get her dressed and in the car by 7:10 and on her way to grandmas.

• At work during lunch I blog, write my posts and reviews.

• I get out of work between 2pm and 2:30pm. So that puts me home with the baby at around 3pm. I listen to books on the way to and from work. Usually she sleeps then, but not always, if she does I put her in the crib when we get home and most of the time she sleep all the way till 5. That gives me a lot of time to clean, prepare dinner, blog, and read. If she's awake I turn on Barney for her and give her some of her books to play with, she loves books. I feed her and then start to prepare dinner if I haven't done so already.

• If it's a day when I go for a run I just prepare the dinner but don't cook it. If I don't plan on running I cook it and we eat anytime between 5:30 and 8:00. If I'm running then I wait till my boyfriend comes home and explain to him how to cook the dinner, or just put in the oven while I go and it's ready when I get back.

• And this is where I'm really lucky, my boyfriend cooks. He loves to cook, I don't have to do all the cooking, I just tell him I'm busy and he is happy to do it. If I go run then I listen to an audio book, if the baby is sleeping I listen to or read a book, If she's awake and playing nicely on her own, I listen to a book while cooking.She does have days when she won't do anything but hold onto my legs and cry while I'm trying to do dishes.That's when I play with her and Sean cooks. But usually she's pretty well behaved.

• When she was smaller I would just put her in a pack and play and have her in the kitchen with me. She can play on her own as long as it's in the same room as me. And you can read while breastfeeding too. Newborn sleep all day long, lots of free time, and the sleep while the baby sleeps never worked for me.

• After dinner it's, play with the baby time for daddy and I finish cleaning and dishes. Or he cleans and I give the baby a bath, feed her and spend some time before I put her to bed.

• At 8pm I put her down and she sleeps, all on her own. So at 8 I begin my day, baby free.

I read, blog, watch tv, do pilates, and sometimes paint (not currently, we are remodeling the room we paint in). What else is there to do, I do the cleaning when she's awake so that I can do other things when she sleeps. Yes I do have time to play with her too. I don't go to sleep till about 11 or even midnight. That gives me 3-4 hours of free time a day. And this isn't how ALL my days look, I don't run everyday, and I don't always read, but I do listen to audio books a little while driving. I don't always cook and clean, if the house is clean I relax. Sometimes I just watch tv and I don't blog every day. But I do manage to squeeze in my hobbies. I would go crazy without them. Just cooking,cleaning and watching kids would drive anyone crazy, I need hobbies, especially books to keep sane.

So to everyone who said that I will never read once I have a baby, I so proved you wrong. I run and read and take care of a baby too. It's possible, so there.