Bookmarks for book lovers!

Bookmarks for book lovers!

Did you know that I'm an artist? No? Well I am, and this year I started my own business. I'm super excited to be finally doing something I love. Creating art and design for those who love it and can't do it themselves. I offer graphic design services as well as fine art and illustration. I have a website over at if you want to find out more. But for my awesome book blogger friends I decided to create these cute bookmarks. Because you can never have enough, right?

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10 Books I am thankful to have read

  In in spirit of Thanksgiving I am making a list of all the books that I am thankful were written. Ones that I've read at least, who knows what other wonder will get written in the future.

These are not in any specific order of preference. Well except for the first one, Outlander you win. And not all of these books had a great impact on my life, they didn't change the world or won any awards. Some I'm just thankful to have read because they were good entertainment.


I only have reviews for some of these, the ones I read before I started this blog are not reviewed, maybe someday.

1. Outlander (the whole series really)

I love these books, I read Outlander because I bought book 4 not knowing it was part of a series, once I found out, I had to read the first one. And that's how my obsession started.

2. Frankenstein

Oh Mary Shelly, you have quite the imagination. I love this book, even though I was forced to read it a couple time through out school. It has a deeper meaning to it, it's not just about the monster. It's about acceptance, differences and love.

3. Something Borrowed

I read this book back in college, and at that time my life, or at least part of it, was very similar to the book. You know, a boyfriend cheats on his girl with the girls best friend. yea, that's all I have to say.

4. The Shining

This is Stephen King at his best, I am reading IT right now and it's so disturbing and gross in some parts. The Shining was just spooky and scary.

5. The Bronze Horseman

Every girls dream is to fall in love with her prince, but when there's war there are challenges. The characters in this book are so beautiful, so passionate. They are only teenagers but they understand life more than most adults do. I highly recommend this book, especially to Outlander fans.

6. House of Tribes

This one was just fun, who thinks about the mice, the little critters that destroy our home, eat our food. But they don't eat our food for fun, they eat it to survive. This is just a fun story about a mouse, from the perspective of the mouse. We get a glimpse into the world of little animals and what it is that they do exactly. It's fiction, mostly for a younger audience.

7. A Child Called It

Everyone who has a child should read this, or maybe before you have a child, this is a book written based on the authors personal life. A memoir? He was abused and neglected when he was a child, by his mother, who would put his hand on a burning stove top when she felt like it. It's grouse and disturbing, but it's important to know that bad people like that do exist and we need to be more aware so we can stop them.

8. The Velveteen Rabbit

Just magical, I wish I was a kid, really, this book would be the best bed time story ever. It's loving and sad and happy at the same time, because to a kid his/hers toys really are alive. It's like Toy Story but so so sweet.

9. The Giver

I read this for school a couple of times, and then just had to buy a copy for myself. I love this concept, that somewhere in the future, in a utopia people will not remember all the hurt and pain that their ancestors have gone thought. All the wars and death. But little Jonah is responsible to remember for everyone. Read it. I now need to see the movie.

10. The Great Gatsby

What would you do for love, this guy does everything. It's a beautiful story or love and money. Money can't buy you happiness or love, but for some people money is more important than love and happiness. This is a great book, I read it a couple times and will read it again. The movie was great too. DiCaprio does and excellent job playing Gatsby.


What books are you thankful for?

Outlander obsession!


You might not know this but I am an Outlander fan, big time. I have read all 7 books, and currently reading the 8th book. I'm not far in but so far I LOVE IT! And I have a big urge to re-read all of them, or at least the first few. And I decided to give myself a couple Outlander presents recently.




(click on image to go to the Etsy store where I bought it)


I didn't even know there were hardcover copies of all the other books. Now I do. Love them.

Too many books?


Why do I obsessively buy books?

Is there something wrong with me, or does everyone do this. And by everyone I mean people who love to read. I have a kindle (even though I swore for years i wouldn't get one, but I kind of like it, it reads to me), and books are so much cheeper on it. Also, I have a library card and the library is only blocks from my house. I can get books for free, so why do I NEED to have them on my shelves? Maybe because they are super pretty, I love the way they feel and smell, and it's decorative too. I like to be able to just look into the living room and see all the books I read, and will read. To connect with the characters, be able to say hi. Yea right, like they can hear me. I think I'm just crazy.

But I'm spending A LOT of money on books, and I need to stop. I have enough to read for about 5-7 years, at the rate I'm going now. My main reason to buy is because if I don't I will forget about it and never read it. So when I see a good book I snatch it up, as if a couple years it will cease to exist. Oh what is wrong with me. Someone make me stop buying books. Or at least tell me you do the same so I don't feel like a freak. Should I check into to a recovery center, this is a problem.