Dislikable Thursdays

Share your thoughts on a book, that you really didn't like, tell us why you didn't like and should we even attempt to read it ourselves? 

As the saying goes "One person's trash is another persons treasure." Maybe someone else will love the book and want to kindly take if off your hands. There are many books that I did not like but some of my friends enjoyed, so don't think of this as a hate post. Because others may like what you don't. Please keep it clean though, and don't me mean. I will be checking.
1. Do not bash the author, it's not their fault you don't like their style. (any hateful comments will be    deleted).
2. Tell us why you dislike the book. And if there is anyone who might, just might enjoy it.
3. Link up on the bottom of this post to share your hated book.
4. Somewhere on your post mention lovethybook.com and link back to this post.
The book that I absolutely could not stand was 50 Shades of Grey, I read it, but it was painful. I'm not a fan of erotic books to begging with, but since this book was everywhere I just had to see what all the hype was about. And boy was I disappointed.  And it wasn't just the story that sucked, it was the grammar errors. I was 11 when I moved to this country and had to learn English, but this was just laughable, I had a strong urge to take a red pen and correct the spelling and run on sentences. Even the simplest word processing software has spell check, there is no excuse. Even though I really disliked this book, there are many friends I know that loved it. And hey they are making a movie out of it, so I'm curious how that will look.  So yes, I would recommend this book to others. But realizing that it is fan fiction makes it more bearable.