Little miss bloggy bloggy here, but my real name is Weronika or you can say Veronica, I'm Polish, we don't have V's in our alphabet. I moved here when I was 10 years old, and to learn english I mostly watched Arthur on PBS (with subtitles so I could follow along and learn spelling), as well as reading lots of Full House books. Oh the joy of reading and not understanding 75% of the words on the page. haha. But I do understand now, and I love to read. It's a little more difficult finding time to read lately, since I had a baby last year, she's pretty needy, as all babies are. Oh wait, she's walking too, can't take my eyes off her. Her favorite toys are books, what do you know. In my spare time —haha like I have any— I like to run, no wait, I LOVE to run. So far I have only done a 5K race. And a few 5K's on my own, I've had some little medical issues that I wanted to get rid of and not push myself. But I'm back to it, and ready to charge. I am also a graphic designer, and I also draw and paint. You can check out my creative side at www.weronikazubek.com and www.twoeasels.com

I decided to review books a couple years ago because my memory just sucks, I'm not kidding. I can read a book and totally love it, but a week later I can't remember the characters' names. So I started taking notes when I was reading and after a while developed it into a blog. Which is another thing, I love web design, and blogging, I used to do a lot more, but I'm too busy now and forgot most of the coding. So a blog is like my playground, I get my web design fix and good books.

Here is the little munchkin