I'm Veronica, and I'm a book hoarder!

I started this book blog a long time ago, about 8 years or so, and back then it was called LoveThyBook. But I decided to change the name since it wasn't available on all social media platforms, yes, I'm weird like that. 

So now it's Silly Book Quirks, because like all book lover out there, there are some weird quirks I have that only they understand. Like when my fiance uses my books as coasters. Big NO NO! Or my kids step on them, or someone bends pages. Right?! I knew I wasn't alone.

Anyway, I love fiction and anything thriller, it's mostly what I read lately, although starting a creative business a couple years ago prompted me to read some Self Help books on the topic of business, empowerment and just plain encouragement. Because it's get's really hard sometimes, and I need a little motivation.

 Did you know I also do handlettering, art and teach online art classes?